Your journey
with us

Our mission is to propel the next generation of software trailblazers to remarkable growth.

We’re more than just investors; we’re your copilots. We bring a breadth of experience and perspectives that can inform—but never override—your vision for growth. It’s your journey, and we’re here to support you along the way.

We're excited to partner with companies that bring:

A leading product
Recurring revenue
Organic growth
Ambitious teams that are hungry to grow

How We Help

By specialising exclusively in software, we have a sharp focus and depth of experience. What might be a new obstacle for your business is usually a familiar challenge for us. More often than not, we already have the solution you seek.

Utilising AI

Learn to leverage this invaluable tool for growth.

Energising Sales

Super-charge your organic growth by investing in winning strategies.


Enter new markets with confidence and clear goals.


Transform your business through bold acquisitions.

Customer Success

Focus on your existing customers to tap into new growth opportunities.

You’re at the controls.
We’re here to support you.