We believe the journey is as important as the destination.

Why We Founded Copilot

In short: we want to redefine growth investing by taking a focused, human-centered approach to helping software companies scale.

We bring proven, repeatable strategies to fuel your growth; we run our own firm with the technologies used by the leading tech businesses; we embrace risk-taking and strive for greatness; and we believe in having fun along the way.

Our Name

We see growth investment as a journey. Having the right partners—or copilots—is the greatest predictor of success.

Founder First

We believe in the power of founders. Your vision sets the course, and we're your trusted copilots to deliver.

Aviation Is in Our DNA

We are backed by an investment group whose projects include founding Pacific SouthWest Airlines and piloting the iconic Spitfire (featured in the movie Dunkirk). For us, flying is more than a metaphor—it's an ethos.

A Nod to AI

AI is primed to transform every industry, but it's within the software landscape that the opportunities (and rewards) are greatest. Now is the time to explore new avenues for growth with partners who will meet your ambition.

Let's work together